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Download ASMR - I'll take YOU to BED!♥ - DIFFERENT ITEMS face MASSAGE!
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Love you! I'd be very happy to get your support for a recording studio on my Patreon! And the next PHOTO EDITION is coming soon ♥ Follow me on Instagram!♥...
Download ASMR It's Time for Bed 💤  **Really Effective** 1 HOUR!
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Hello all :) This video is specially designed to help you fall asleep. It has lots of sleepy trigger words, head massage sounds, crickets, yawns, and other overlaid sounds. Enjoy n__n I make...
Download ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep In Bed Friend Roleplay
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Really random triggers for this one! Match lighting, lotion, massage, candles, brushing (makeup brush), reading, whispers.. snapchat: asmrdarling instagram:
Download Sleep Time 💤 Tucking You In | ASMR | Massage, Facial, Humming
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Tucking you in to sleep ASMR with intense fabric sounds, head massage, facial pampering, humming, putting you to sleep and pottering around the room till you fall asleep. ASMR triggers include...
Download [ASMR] Getting YOU Ready For Bed Roleplay
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It's time to go to bed in this loving personal attention filled ASMR role play. Enjoy ear to ear tapping, face touching, and soft whispers as I help brush your teeth, wash and moisturize your...
Download Laying In Bed, Whispers & Kisses ASMR
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Hi! Thank you so much for keeping me company today! Laying in bed together and listening to the rain was so relaxing! You're the best, ASMR Erika.
Download ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep In Bed Friend Roleplay
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This video was inspired by: ASMR Darling Helping You Fall Asleep In Bed Friend Roleplay featuring the top 5 triggers that help me PERSONALLY to fall asleep... If you guys enjoyed, PLEASE give...
Download ASMR Caring for You in Bed ~ Sleep Time
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Looking for a pal to help you sleep? Lots of tingly triggers to help you sleep, with personal attention and crackly candle sounds, soft ear to ear whispering, gentle touching and much more!...
Download ASMR Getting Ready For Bed (Lotion Sounds, Hair Brushing, Cottons, Tapping...)
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Welcome to my first ASMR video! This video includes relaxing sounds like cotton pads, lotion sounds, hair brushing sounds, tapping, and other sounds….! Hope you enjoy!!! MY BEAUTY CHANNEL:...
Download Making The Bed With You In It: A Binaural ASMR Role Play For Relaxation
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Hello everyone! Remember when you were little and one of your parents or siblings would make the bed with you in it, and you loved how it felt to be inside a parachute, and would sometimes...
Download ASMR - Girlfriend takes CARE of your COLD while lying IN BED!
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Hello my dear! I've been working on this video the whole week now! And I put heart and passion in it! But I don't like the result and think it doesen't feel like it should be. Sometimes you...
Download Back to basics ASMR - Making a bed - No Talking
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One of my favourite ASMR videos (which isn't made for ASMR) is a video of someone showing us how she makes her bed, I'll link it below. I tried to make my own version but more catered towards...
Download ASMR -
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My Personal Attention Website - Become a member to for exclusive ASMR boyfriend role plays! I'll be repeating the same phrase for the most part from ear to...
Download 3D ASMR - Stay In Bed With Me! 😍 😘 💗 [Gender Neutral] [Irish Boyfriend Role Play]
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30 Min Version on Patreon ▻ Patreon (Must be 18+) - ▻ Albums Available on ITunes & Amazon! - iTunes: - Amazon:
Download ASMR Existential Pillow Talk (Blanket Sounds, Relaxing in Bed)
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This is a prerecorded video. Hope you enjoyed! I will be back to filming new content shortly! I am doing much better! I will be filming an update video about my injury soon as well! MUCH LOVE,...